School Admission

The Foundation Stage Unit caters for children who are attending part time as Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) and for the older children who attend full time, Foundation Stage 2 (FS2). All children learn together in the Foundation Stage Unit.  Additional sessions may be available for F1 children who require them.  Please ask the Foundation Staff for information.

Admission to Foundation Stage 1 (nursery)

This is by direct application to the school. Parents should contact the school in order that names and contact addresses are written down in the admissions record. Children are admitted into Foundation Stage 1 at the beginning of the school year in which they are 4 years old. Parents are notified by letter from the school, when a child is due to be admitted into Foundation Stage 1. Arrangements are made for you to visit the Foundation Stage Unit with your child. Parents are given the option of a morning or an afternoon place. There are 46 F1 places available (23 in each morning or afternoon session).

Admission to Foundation Stage 2 (reception)

Children enter Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) at the beginning of the school year in which they are 5 years old. There is only one admission date – September. All children start FS2 in September. All parents, as part of Rotherham LA’s admission policy, have to apply to the Local Authority for admission to the school of their choice. Places are allocated by the Local Authority. Even if your child has been attending the Foundation Stage Unit (part time as a FS1 child), all parents still have to fill in the Admissions Form to apply for a place for their child to attend the FS2. The admission limit for the school is 45. There is an Appeals procedure to follow if entry is refused for your child (see below).

Admission toYear 7

At the end of Year 6 pupils will transfer to a local comprehensive school. Parents have to apply for their child to attend a comprehensive school of their choice. Information is sent to all parents of Y6 children by the Local Authority in which they live by the end of their Y5 year.

Listerdale’s Admissions Policy

Listerdale Primary School follows Rotherham’s Local Authority’s process for school admissions. The admission arrangements follow a four-step process :

STEP ONE : A parent expresses preferences for up to three schools and ranks their preferences in order.

STEP TWO: The appropriate admission authority will determine whether or not the child is eligible for admission to each school. If the governing body of a voluntary aided school, an Academy, a Trust School or any other Local Authority (for schools outside this Authority) is responsible for admissions, they will determine who is eligible for a place and inform the Authority.

STEP THREE: A child could be eligible for admission to more than one school. For each school where the child is eligible for admission there is a potential offer of a place. The school at which a place will be offered will depend upon the order the schools are named on the Common Application Form.

STEP FOUR:  The parent of a child resident in Rotherham who has completed a Common Application Form receives a written offer of a school place.

For further information regarding the process please contact Rotherham Admissions Team 01709 823777 or access online the following documents via the RMBC website (at the foot of this page):

  • Admissions to Primary School, 2016 – 2017
  • Admissions to Secondary School, 2016 – 2017

Appeals Process

Should you not receive a place at our school you have the right to appeal to the Local Authority. Such appeals against non-admission will be heard by an Independent Appeals Panel formed in accordance with the DfE Admissions Appeal Code. Details of the appeals process will be made available to all unsuccessful applicants.

In-Year Application

Applications made after a school year has started should also be submitted via the Local Authority. Such applications are then processed and distributed to school, there following a 15 day period in which a response from ourselves will be given. If the particular year group is full or over-subscribed the application will automatically be declined. All new pupils/students who make an in-year application to year groups carrying spaces will be invited, along with their parents/carers, for a meeting in the school with the Headteacher and any other staff relevant to the pupils/students age, individual needs and ability. A tour of the school may also be offered. At this initial meeting relevant information will be shared. A further meeting may be necessary. At this point a place will either be offered or the school will decline the application providing the Local Authority with the reasons for this. An appeal can be made against this decision. Should an offer be made the school will ensure that the pupil/student starts as soon as possible. Supporting documentation will be required by at least the start date. Weekly, then fortnightly review meetings will be held with all new starters to ensure that the transition has been successful. Should you require any further information about the admissions process then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Full information about school admission procedures can be obtained from the school or via the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough website. We follow the national Admissions Code of Practice––2

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