There are many ways of getting in contact with us.  If the matter is urgent, TELEPHONE THE SCHOOL.  We have four incoming lines and try to answer as soon as possible.  If office staff are busy on other calls and you need to contact the school urgently, please give them time to answer or hang up and try again.

For non-urgent communication, you can use any of the below communication methods.  Once your message is delivered, we will direct it to the most appropriate person to deal with the response and acknowledge receipt and inform you of who will be dealing with your enquiry, if appropriate.  That person will then contact you once they have the information with which to respond.  Please allow up to ten working days for this next response as some requests may take considerable work.  If we cannot respond within the ten days, you will be informed of this and an alternative solution will be suggested.  Most enquiries have a full response within a few days.


You can…

  • text – 07786 208 896
  • email or
  • contact us using the form below
  • comment on any part of the website
  • tweet us @listerdale
  • like us and write on our FaceBook wall
  • telephone 01709 543719 (school office) or 01709 702319 (Marcliff Children’s Centre)
  • fax us on 01709 480545
  • write a note via your child in the home-school diary
  • write a letter to the address below
  • talk to a member of staff in the yard at the beginning or end of the day/session
  • call into the office and ask for an appointment with a member of staff

For matters related to your child, the class teacher or other class staff is almost always the first port of call.  Out of all the staff in the school, your child’s teacher knows your child best and is best placed to help.  In the event that this does not address the problem, that member of staff will be able to pass on your query to someone else better placed to help.  If you are unsatisfied with the result of this, you should then approach a phase leader (Mrs Woodward in Foundation, Mrs Hodges in the Infants, Mrs Malton in the Juniors).    This system ensures that matters are dealt with quickly and effectively.  For full information, please see the Issues, Concerns and Complaints policy on the POLICY page.

If you’re not sure who to speak to, ANY member of staff is able to help.  If they can’t get you the answer you need, they will find someone who can. 

If it is a safeguarding issue (ie you suspect a child is a victim of abuse or neglect by an adult and need to report it), you need to see Mr D Simpson (Headteacher), Mrs R Malton (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs H Hodges (Assistant Deputy Head), via the main office.  Mr M Parker (Chair of Governors) can be contacted via the Academy or the Clerk to Governors using the email address below.


Listerdale Junior Academy
Beech Avenue
S65 3HN

Tel: 01709 543719
Fax: 01709 514193
General Enquiries:

Principal: David Simpson

Chair of Governors: Miles Parker
(The Chair of governors can be contacted via the academy or the Clerk to Governors, Kendal

Listerdale Junior Academy SENCO
Donna Lee

Cheryl Barquero

ACET Executive Principal: Josie Sanigar

ACET CEO: Eunice Newton


Text Messaging

Text messages can now be replied to. The text number is 07786 208 896. Add the number to your contacts so you recognise texts from School, as it will not automatically let you know it is from Listerdale unless it is stored as a contact in your phone. This can be used to report an absence or to send a general message to school. It is important to note that the messages will be checked at least twice a day but that it is not an instant service, as the texts are checked on a database. Do not rely on the texting for emergencies or urgent messages.

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