Leadership Development and School-on-School Support

The school is committed to developing leadership within the staff and pupils at Listerdale and beyond.  There is nothing more effective in terms of school improvement than schools working together to share good work and learn from each other.  It is to that end that we engage so actively with partnership working within Rotherham and beyond.  Together, we are stronger.

Leadership at Listerdale has developed tremendously over the last few years, with more and more staff taking lead roles in school improvement. All staff members, in whatever role they have, take their responsibility in identifying and delivering school improvement very seriously, and monitor and evaluate that improvement.

Our number one priority in every case is always the pupils in Listerdale.  There is nothing that we do that is not entered into to directly benefit our children, either through widening opportunities or improving teaching and learning.  This comes through leadership at all levels.


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