Our Phonics work throughout school is based on the National Letters and Sounds programme.  We have a variety of reading schemes books in school, including Oxford Reading Tree, but schemes are simply a tool to deliver our successful reading curriculum.  At Listerdale, we believe that reading is a gift to be cherished and, as a result, books and reading has a very high profile across school, with a large library and books in every classroom and on every corridor.

To support pupils’ reading, and their phonic development, we are piloting a new spelling strategy across school from April 2017, aimed at bringing spelling expectations for each year group in line with the age-related expectations of the National Curriculum. This will work alongside the Letters and Sounds programme in younger years and place a higher expectation on understanding root words and word families in older years. Across all year groups there will be a specific focus on consistent and independent application of known spellings to all written work.

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