Today the children in F1 and F2 gave been to Pirate Training School. We were invited to come to school in our Pirate outfits. We had chance to admire all the outfits this morning and the the Pirate Captains set us lots of challenges to complete during the day. We had to walk the plank, make a flag, make a telescope, make a hat, make a map and even walk the plank! After a Pirate lunch of fish fingers and chips we had another challenge. The Pirate Captains set us on a hunt to find the treasure! We had to find the gold coins with letters on to solve the Pirate riddle. This led us to the treasure! We have had a swashbuckling time and received a certificate to say we are true Pirates! Thank you to all our families for supporting the children with their outfits and sending donations of cardboard!

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