t (77)We are very proud of our strong tradition in performing arts, which are taught as part of the curriculum, as well as in development and enrichment activities.  These include:

  • Specialist Music Teaching for a wide range of instruments
  • Drama/Musical performance each year by all children (KS1 and FS – Christmas, KS2 – Summer)
  • Visiting theatre groups at least annually
  • Theatre visit at least annually
  • Shakespeare as part of the curriculum, including performances at the Rotherham Shakespeare Festival
  • Drama Club for children who wish to extend their expertise
  • A number of musical performances throughout the year
  • Listerdale’s Got Talent
  • One Voice
  • Dalton Carol Concert
  • …and lots, lots more!

In 2017, Foundation Stage Two, Year One and Year Five pupils are performing in this year’s Rotherham Shakespeare Festival performance of ‘The Tempest’ on Friday 23rd June at Clifton Park. Rehearsals are well underway, and there is further opportunity for other year groups to be involved through our Tempest Drama Club.

In addition, a number of our Year Two pupils are performing alongside pupils from other schools in a ACET-based performance of ‘Macbeth’ in May. They are very excited, and there is information regarding how to get tickets for this coming out after Easter! 

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  1. it was soooooo fun I want to do it again!!!!! xxx

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