promise to children headerAt Listerdale School, we believe that academic performance is vitally important for  every pupil.  Alongside that, though, is an unshakable commitment to support the wider development of each and every child who attends the school.  Each child should leave Listerdale at the end of Year 6 having:

  • met a wide range of experiences
  • had support and encouragement to help them aim for outstanding progress through school
  • developed personal capabilities that enable them to be responsible global citizens
  • been able to develop and enhance their personal interests, skills and talents, so that they are ‘in their element’ when at school and celebrated for who they are
  • had opportunities to represent their school in sport, the arts and other events
  • attained the skills that enable them to become life-long learners
  • become proud of themselves, their school and their community.

In order to achieve the above, there clearly needs to be a commitment from school and home to put in place the mechanisms that allow our children to be the very best that they can be.  This is it –  the “Listerdale Promise to Children” – a charter that sets out everyone’s responsibilities in ensuring that the children of Listerdale get the very best out of their first 11 years of life, and lists the experiences that children can expect to meet as they make their journey through that first decade of education.

Together, we can give our children the best start in life possible.
All staff have signed up to this charter.  By sending your child to Listerdale, you have, too.  This is what our children deserve.

The Listerdale Promise to Children

School and parents promise to work together to ensure that ALL children experience the following through their time in Listerdale.

  • Each child will be set challenging but attainable personalised academic targets throughout their time in school.  “Shoot for the moon because, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”
  • Each child will be celebrated for their achievements.
  • Each child, regardless of ability, will be supported and encouraged on that journey, receiving quality teaching and interventions where appropriate.
  • Each child will have the opportunity to represent their school in inter-school sports competitions and each child will be encouraged to do so at least once, as it is an important experience.
  • Each child will be able to participate in a two-night residential during lower Key-Stage 2.
  • Each child will be able to study the environment and take part in outdoor adventurous activities in a four-night residential in upper Key-Stage 2.
  • Each child will be taught how to keep themselves safe on-line.
  • Each child will be taught how to be an artist, musician and performer and have the opportunity to learn a wide range of musical instruments.
  • Each child will experience the theatre as an audience member and cast member.
  • Each child will study Shakespeare and other great works of Literature.
  • Each child will experience a visit out of school or a special education event or visitor within school each term of their school life.  These will all be subsidised by school but cannot take place without parental contributions.
  • Each child from Y1 up will have the opportunity to stand for election to the school council each year.
  • Each child will have opportunities to enrich learning in extra-curricular activities and options within school, such as art, music, drama, sport, maths, computing, writing, science, etc at relevant points during during their school life.  Children will be consulted in the development and renewal of these enrichment opportunities. These always build on the main curriculum to allow children to extend their personal interests.

In order to ensure that we can keep the above promises, the following will need to be in place:

  • Parents ensure that their child is in school on time every day, with all the equipment and clothing that they need in order to have a successful and active day.
  • Parents and Staff safeguard all children by reporting any concerns about a child’s safety to the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Chair of the Governing Body.
  • The School Council are senior leaders of the school and influence policy-making and strategic planning and evaluation.
  • The school works with partner agencies to add specialist knowledge to the team in order to support children with needs of any kind.
  • The school community (staff, parents and children) is inclusive and welcomes children of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • The school is inclusive, celebrates diversity and does not tolerate any form of abuse (verbal, physical or emotional) from any member of the community towards children or other adults.
  • Children are growing and developing emotionally and need to be taught to manage feelings and changes by home and school.  They are not adults.  ALL Children need love, tolerance, care, guidance, understanding and support.
  • Children do not thrive without meeting new challenges. School and home work together to help children to take on new challenges with courage, support and enthusiasm, not letting adults’ worries hold them back from success. Children are not to be ‘wrapped up in cotton wool’.
  • Learning is a verb – a ‘doing word’ – it is not a passive activity. Children will be encouraged to be active learners: Not vessels to be filled, but fires to be ignited.
  • Parents and Staff are role models for the children and model positive social and/or professional relationships.
  • School and home communicate to the best of their abilities.  The school website is checked by families as the prime source of information.
  • The school engages in local, regional, national and international partnerships with other schools and organisations that enhance the experiences of children.
  • The school community is committed to environmental sustainability, fair trade, equality, and global citizenship.
  • The school encourages healthy eating and ‘treats’ in moderation. Parents sending packed lunches ensure that these are healthy and balanced.  The School Meals Service do the same for those children having school dinners.
  • All members of the school community keep the environment tidy and free from litter.

Thank you for your support.

Mr David Simpson

By choosing to send your child to Listerdale or by choosing to work at Listerdale school, we are all committing to this promise.  This is what we believe is right for our children.  This is what we work together to achieve. From feedback from children and adults (Parents, Governors and Practitioners), we will adjust the content of this agreement at least annually.  

Last update – Summer 2016

As we rely strongly on photographs and videos for both evidencing and celebrating children’s achievements, it is important that we have permission from parents/carers to use children’s images.  We do not publish names with photos in order to protect children’s identities. A new agreement will be sent home in September 2016.  If you do not have this or wish to change your wishes, you can download it from the link below, and send it in to the school office as it is important that we have this agreement on file.  This agreement will remain on file through the child’s time in school but may be altered at the parent/carer’s request at any time by re-submitting a form.


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